Ochs’ Associates – 2021 Open Enrollment

October 23 – November 6, 2020
It’s that time of year to think about your benefit plan elections and make any changes you’d like for 2021. This year you will receive an open enrollment packet in the mail with a postage paid return envelope with all the necessary information, instructions, and forms.

Medical, Dental, Life, Critical Illness, Flex Spending and Health Savings elections are made online in Workday. Important Reminder: If you wish to make payroll-deducted contributions to your Flex Spending or Health Savings Accounts in 2021, you MUST make these elections in Workday. These elections will not roll over to 2021. Additionally, all employees MUST provide Camy with a printed copy of elections from your Workday confirmation, whether you are making a change or not. You must also enroll for spouse and child coverage as the dependent package life will be cancelled effective 1/1/21.
Please note that there is a One-Time Annual Enrollment event for optional life insurance where employees will be eligible to apply for one-times salary multiple of coverage without EOI if elected during this enrollment period. This offer is available to current supplemental life insureds and those enrolling in for the first time!

Vision, Short Term Disability, and Accident enrollment changes can be made by completing a paper application. You can find and print forms from the "Forms, Policies, and Procedures" tab or use the forms that will be included in the open enrollment packet. If enrolling for the first time or making a change to these coverages, please return these completed enrollment forms in the return envelope you received in your open enrollment packet.
Remember, there is no need to re-enroll for Medical, Dental, Short Term Disability, Vision, Critical Illness, and Accident insurance if you are not making changes. You must however enroll each year for Flex Spending and Health Savings. During this enrollment period, you must also enroll for separate spouse and child coverage as the dependent package life will be cancelled effective 1/1/21.