May 27, 2022
About Cindy Hoel How long have you been with Ochs? My 3-year anniversary is coming up in June. What is your favorite part about Ochs? My favorite part about Ochs is the people! Everyone is great and I love that we are so customer focused! What is your favorite movie? I have lots of favorites,...
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About Us

To bring you the best possible solutions for your employee benefit plans, we combine our expertise with that of insurance carriers, brokers and channel partners. By working together we can provide a vast array of services and resources - offering you even more value, even more choice, and even more support. That’s what we do. We’re Ochs.

Ochs, Inc. is not an insurance carrier; the contracted insurance company provides insurance products. Each insurer is solely responsible for the financial obligations under the policies or contracts it issues.

DOFU 3-2017