Support email for “Offering disability insurance” whitepaper

Subject line: Are your employees financially stressed?

Hello (name) and welcome to 2020!

Did you know that 53% of employed adults in the still stress about their finances, and of the 49% of those distracted by finances at work spend three or more hours of weekly work time thinking about such issues?

In many ways the coming decade looks bright for American workers, with unemployment remaining at favorable levels and the economy showing signs of health in many respects. Further, due to changing demographics that are creating worker shortages in many industries, the most talented workers are well positioned to switch from employer to employer, if they so choose.

What does that mean for employers?

They must keep attracting and retaining the best employees with benefits that make them feel valued, safe and secure. Among them are the supplemental life and disability insurance policies that will financially protect them and their families in the event of death or debilitating illness. 

Fortunately, at Ochs we’re experts at finding the most comprehensive and cost-effective life and disability policies for our clients. Have questions? We’re happy to guide you through the options to find the best solutions for their needs. Check out our free white paper (attached) or contact us directly at 651-665-3789 or