Corrina Boehm
Subject Line: From the Desk of Ochs Body:  Hello! Welcome to the first edition of Och's quarterly newsletter.  Every three months we'll recap the latest insights from our blog on workforce benefits and insurance. Take a look at what we've been up to! Employees are financially stressed — but voluntary benefits can help Studies show employees across generations are stressed out about their finances. That’s especially true of the millennials who are already burdened by student debt, concerned about healthcare costs and worried about saving for the future. In fact, one PWC...
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“Tight labor market? Stay well-staffed by offering these hot employee benefits” DOWNLOAD HERE Our handy guide summarizes some of the newest employer staffing challenges due to the shrinking U.S. labor pool, then offers solutions in terms of stronger, more customized benefits packages that can help attract and keep key talent. The U.S. is now seeing...
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Abstract: It's clear that companies looking to hire and retain top talent need to offer more than the occasional free lunch in order to be competitive in today's hiring landscape. But what does it take to compete with today's top employers? Well, a start is by offering perks and benefits that top candidates are looking...
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